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Nominate A Teacher

Nominations are closed for The 2023 Heart Of Education Awards

Tips for Submitting a Nomination


1. DO correctly enter your teacher’s email address using the format Incorrect email addresses means the teacher is not notified of your nomination.

2. DO elaborate about how the teacher went above and beyond the normal responsibilities of a teacher.

3. DO try to use all 200 words. More than 3,000 nominations are submitted, so make sure yours stands out

4. DO be honest.

5. DON’T just say, “this teacher is nice”. Give specific examples of how this teacher has impacted you and or other student lives.


Examples of Successful Nominations


You will be asked to provide a recommendation for the teacher you are nominating. Your recommendation is a key element in deciding whether your nominated teacher will be considered for the 2023 Heart of Education Award. Please be thorough and feel free to use the following examples of past winners to guide you.


  • Laura Juliana Urtubey

    Crestwood Elementary teacher Laura Juliana Urtubey raised over $80,000 to create a sustainable outdoor classroom with multiple garden beds for her school, which she utilizes to teach students how to weed, compost, harvest and sell vegetables. The gardens are also used to help teach real-world problem solving and science lessons.

  • Brian Driscoll

    Western High School teacher Brian Driscoll led his school to become the first in Nevada to implement the federal Stop the Bleed campaign, training over 120 teachers in stopping life-threatening bleeding in an emergency before first responders arrive. Driscoll is also working with additional schools to implement this program.

  • Amy Murray

    Amy Murray, Spanish teacher at Spring Valley High School, takes students on field trips to immerse them in Hispanic traditions, including attending the Day of the Dead celebration at Springs preserve and participating in the Cinco de Mayo Parade. She has chaperoned trips to China, Utah, Japan, California, Arizona and Peru to introduce students to foreign cultures and visit college campuses.

  • Stephenia Courtney

    William E. Orr Middle School teacher Stephenia Courtney regularly devotes an additional 10 to 15 hours per week outside of the classroom to provide one-on-one tutoring for students. She was also selected by the Dean of Students to be the school Site Leader for the After School All Stars Program, and serves as a Student Success Advocate. She often purchases food, clothing and bus passes for low-income students and their families. She even drives her students’ parents to purchase supplies and provide them with academic resources so they can better support their children’s learning.